Events with TZID in start/end time show at wrong time

  • I have encountered a bug concerning events that specify a TZID in their DTSTART or DTEND. According to the iCalender specification, this should be valid, and it is also working correctly when I subscribe to the ICS file through Google Calendar instead of ICSDroid, so I’m thinking the problem lies with ICSDroid.

    I am linking two ICS files each containing one event, one that shows the event at the correct date and time, and one that doesn’t. The only difference between the two files is this:




    See also: the screenshot below. One event is showing at the correct time, and the other is showing the day before at 11pm. The “11pm the day before” pattern seems to be constant for all events with a TZID in their DTSTART or DTEND, no matter what their actual start or end time should be.

    Broken ICS file

    Working ICS file


    I’d be grateful if you could check this out. Thanks!

  • developer


    Probably this one:

    I wonder whether it works with a VTIMEZONE with both STANDARD and DAYLIGHT components… unfortunately, this would require debugging ical4j/2.x and 3.x has just been released (which is not useable with Android <7).

  • Can still replicate this bug with 1.8.2 and e.g.
    Anything that can be done to help resolve this?

  • developer

    @akallabeth Nothing has been changed in 1.8.2 regarding this. - Yes, fix 😐

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