Make sure that this port is not blocked by your firewall ?

  • My system is Arch Linux and the application runs properly except the Line:
    Hint: Make sure that this port is not blocked by your firewall.

    The xinput list command works: Network Tablet id=15 [slave pointer (2)]
    I’ve typed the IP ifconifg gives on the Android and it doesn’t work.

    Maybe the router stop it ?

  • it’s able to take the numeric IP Adresses (example: 192.168.0.XXX) from your “client” Computer by side of the “name” like / mycomputa or something., Check out, what’s the IP Adress of your mycomputa and use this IP-Adress.
    WinNTFirewall should normally ask by first start of the exefile if the ports closed.
    If, do you go over the internet from outside from your router, should you check the ip/port of the router , other parts (like a Fritzrouter) should it work without check the ip’s , if you operate from/in your internal Network (it should be no matter if you only connected on the wlan because the router routing automatic in the internal network
    (if not from external to internal network (open or close ports to ip’s&ports and so on (normally other adventure))) (if the adjusting fits) ),
    important it is on this place only the ip from the client computer.
    in Linux should you check your firewalld ports to be open.
    at example Openmandriva or …buntu and RedHat.


  • Both the computer and phone are connected in the same WiFi network.
    I’ve tried again and completely useless.
    The 40118 port has been opened in the router.

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