DAVdroid does not request autostart permissions

  • Installed DAVdroid from F-Droid on LineageOS 14.1. When I go to Privacy Guard, there is no entry for Start at Boot, meaning DAVdroid never requested autostart permissions. Even if I disabled Privacy Guard it wouldn’t allow autostart as it was never requested.

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    You don’t need an explicit autostart. DAVdroid sets a sync interval and is then called by the Android base system at a scheduled time. Then it performs a the synchronization.

  • Hm, why does it then say so in the documentation?

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    This autostart feature is not present on Lineage OS. It is documented for people which have a branded Android version of specific vendors like Xiaomi or Huawei (they built additional “features” into their Android versions that should improve battery but in fact it is only bullshit making the lives of their users even harder for minimal potential battery life improvement).

  • Reading https://www.davx5.com/manual/introduction.html?highlight=autostart it’s not very clearly worded since my Cyanogenmod 12.1 ROM (which is Android 5.1.1) also has autostart permission and since DAVx5 doesn’t work on that device I thought the culprit was in the autostart permission not being requested which led me to this forum thread.

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    @villeneuve how does it look? can you upload a screenshot? I thought Cyanogen/Lineage are providing the mostly unbranded version of Android…

  • I could provide a screenshot of course but I don’t yet understand what you want a screenshot of. Please tell me what you’d like to see!

  • developer

    As far as I know, autostart permissions are not documented for Android, so they can’t be requested by an app (correct me if I’m wrong). It’s normally not needed on plain Android (because it doesn’t exist there), but some firmwares have introduced a proprietary “autostart” permission (which may be mapped to some undocumented/hidden plain Android feature; I don’t know). Under these firmwares, it may be necessary to grant autostart permission to DAVx⁵. However, this is all undocumented and very confusing …

  • I’m no Android expert by any means but all I can say is that certain apps show requesting autostart permission while others don’t inside the Android app settings. It’s the case on both of my devices, one is running Android 5.1.1 (will be upgraded in the next few hours) and the other is on 7.1.2…
    On the Android 5.1.1. I also have a pretty old app called Autostarts, which not only lists the apps being started by default on boot, but also all the apps which get triggered when certain aspects of the device change like Wifi getting enabled & disabled, headphones being plugged, etc… It’s really suprising which apps by default get notified by pretty much anything that’s happening on the OS. With that mentioned app Autostarts the root user can disabled that behaviour per app per status change. All I can say is that while many appear there which you’d think have no business being there DAVx5 is appearing in none of those categories which per se is very good unless it hinders DAVx5 from funtioning properly.
    If anyone wonders the Autostart app is this:

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