This forum is hard to find if you want to report a FR or BUG

  • If you want to contribute this forum is hard to find

    It is only linked in the readme on gitlab with “Help and discussion” and there is no link associated with Contribution/BugReport/FeatureRequest neither on the main page

    Thx for the nice work, btw!

  • developer


    Thanks for your feedback 🙂 We consider it mainly for support, but of course contributions would also be welcome.

    On, it’s linked in the menu: Support / Forums (and in Support Options). Do you have a suggestion where we could add an additional link and which text we could use?

    Maybe we could add something like “If you want to contribute, please tell us in the forums” into the open-source message in the footer and on

  • I would add a line in the gitlab readme as you don’t use issues there:
    “For bug reports and feature request use the [Forum]”

    Same for the page:
    “The source code is available, and you can download the app on F-Droid.” add “For feature requests and bugs, please use our [Forum]”

    And add it to the “Links” section:
    “Contribute in our Forum” or “Discussions” oder sowas…


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