Syncronisation of GMX calendar to Android smartphone fails with HTTP 500 error 'Can't convert calendar'

  • I use DAVdroid on a Samsung Galaxy S7, running Android 8.0.0. to synchronise 11 GMX calendars (different colors for different topics).

    Recently I realised, that one of those calendars can no longer be synchronised. This is the error-message I got:

    Response{protocol=http/1.1, code=500, message=Internal Server Error, url=}
    <?xml version=“1.0” ?><D:error xmlns:cosmo=“” xmlns:D=“DAV:”>cosmo:internal-server-errorCan’t convert calendar</cosmo:internal-server-error></D:error>

    Unfortunately I can’t tell whether this first happens in context with a new DAVdroid version, since in the beginning I didn’t get any error message from DAVdroid and I only realised the problem, when I wanted to look up an appointment on my smartphone, which I entered in Thunderbird days ago. The appointment wasn’t on the mobile, but still present in Thunderbird and the GMX Web calendar.

    To test at which point synchronisation fails, I did several entries in Thunderbird and on the mobile.
    Strangely enough, entries made on the mobile are synced via GMX to Thunderbird, while entries made in Thunderbird are only transfered to the GMX-Web-interface but not to the mobile.

    I checked the forum for similar cases (found none) and tried all steps described in the FAQ ‘How to debug DAVdroid-related problems’, except for the Android debugging.
    Non of these measures changes anything.

    I also deleted the calendar on the GMX server and created it newly.
    Events are still synced up to the GMX-server but non of the events stored there is synced to the mobile.

    Since the faulty calendar is my most important one, I tested it with another app which provides CalDAV synchronisation features (CalendarSync) and this app syncs the calendar without problems.
    I don’t want to switch, but this test makes me believe, that although that HTTP 500-mistakes as it occurs in my case are usually considered to be a problem on the server side, you might help me.

    Synchronisation also works without any problems on my PC using Thunderbird.

    Log-Files are attached.

    The latest one (davdroid-2898-20180615-110538) shows a forced syncronisation a few minutes ago, when I tried to sync a test-event from the mobile to GMX, which works, but none of the events saved at GMX are transfered to my mobile.

    I also reported the problem to GMX.

    If I should provide any further information, please let me know.
    Thank you for your help in advance.

    1_1529054380315_davdroid-2898-20180615-110538.txt 0_1529054380314_davdroid-2726-20180615-110531.txt
    2_1529052271872_debug.txt 1_1529052271872_davdroid-23557-20180615-092345.txt 0_1529052271872_davdroid-23468-20180615-092332.txt

  • developer


    It seems to me like the server can’t process some specific event. You can try to

    • set another past event time limit, e.g. 0 days
    • disable past event time limit (set to blank) → this will use PROPFIND instead of REPORT, so the server doesn’t need to process the events; but it won’t scale that well, especially if the server doesn’t support Collection Synchronization
    • copy events from the faulty calendar to a new one (maybe this fixes the event)
    • or – of course – contact GMX about the server problem.

    Have you already asked GMX support about it?

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