Calendar write permission is not requested

  • Re: Nextcloud: See calendars but cannot sync

    DAVdroid 1.11.2-ose asks for calendar read permission (Android system popup), but not for write permission. When you manually sync it looks like calendar is synced (progress bar moving and finishs), but actually it is not. You should request permission to write calendar from Android at this point or at least show a warning message when sync was not possible.
    Thank you.

  • developer


    Thanks for your message.

    1. DAVdroid requests the write permission.
    2. You can’t even get read permission without write permission because they’re in the same permission group.

    If there’s a problem, please provide steps to reproduce the problem so that I can have a look.

  • Hi rfc2822,
    I found out it was the “privacy protection” feature of LineageOS which let’s you configure read and write speparatly and for those configuration there is no popup in general in case permission is missing. So there is nothing to do. However what you can implement is to have a warning, when sync is actually not working, becuase it cannot write to the calendar.
    I understand that LineagOS functionality is not the concern of the majority of your users, but would be nice.
    Kind regards

  • developer

    @someoneunique As far as I know, there’s no way for an app to see whether “privacy protection” denies access, because it doesn’t actually deny access, but simulate a calendar/address book where all entries are immediately gone.

  • @rfc2822 Thank you. That was new to me. Do you think it would make sense to read the calendar after you have written it and check if what you have written is there?

  • developer

    @someoneunique Don’t think so. The events could have been deleted by the user instantly, by another app (installed by the user) etc.

    I think the only solution is to give DAVdroid all required permissions and to turn off functions that block DAVdroid. 🙂

  • @rfc2822: “I think the only solution is to give DAVdroid all required permissions and to turn off functions that block DAVdroid.”
    That’s for sure. My request was about DAVdroid beeing able to defect that permissions are missing and warn. But when implementation of “privacy protection” is like you say, I think it’s the exact intention of that feature that the app does not know there is anything blocked.
    So please close this thread.
    Thank you.

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