DAVdroid and Nextcloud contacts - not all 17k contacts are transferred.

  • Hello 🙂

    I recently set up a Nextcloud (not by myself but from a provider) for contacts and calendar sync.
    The sync from Thunderbird to NC works, now I want to sync from NC to Android using DAVdroid.

    I entered all credentials and the sync started. I was getting contacts (in total around 17000).
    Only a fraction of the contacts were downloaded.
    I then tried OpenSync with the same process/credentials/settings and all contacts were downloaded.

    I am syncing two contact storages, one with 15k contacts the other with 2k.
    The 2k contacts were synced correctly, but only from the 15k not all were loaded, only about 1.4k.

    What could be wrong here?
    The sync itself works, otherwise no contacts at all would have been transferred.

  • developer


    Can you provide a test account (with data) so that we can reproduce the problem? Otherwise, we would at least need logs…

    By the way, do you really use 17k contacts on your mobile phone? May I ask what the use case is? Is the Contacts app even usable with such amounts of contacts?

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