• Well this isn’t an issue but I’m new in GitHub and I have really difficult time here. So I just wanted to share my idea and I didn’t know how:

    So basically my little idea just to make the work easier. When we start the ‘networktablet’ command to create the uinput driver we get a message “GfxTablet driver (protocol version 1) is ready and listening on (UDP)”.
    Now we need sometimes to use ‘ifconfig’ command to see our ip adress of our wifi network. And the newbies with android and linux sometimes can’t make that procedure (remember how hard is it for some guys to have the app work) so make that change we free them from that cycle of commands. Now we can make it even cleaner but for now I think that this is the main idea. If you want guys you can update it to your code adding some info in the printf command. I use it anyway.

    And remember. Simplicity is what we want.! My file is attached below

    You are free to close my issue if you think it isn’t helpfull.


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