• I have nextcloud installed and it seems that I have an issue syncing some contacts.

    I am able to sync about 200 of the 1425 contacts that are available in my Nextcloud Contacts App.

    I used to use etesync.com and they all sync just fine.

    Things I have done to trouble shoot. I have deleted all contacts and apps on both ends and reinstalled everything. I have made sure that davdroid has the option to sync address book and that it is not setup for battery optomizations.

    I am not sure why some contacts are pulled in but others are not. If anyone has any ideas on where to start first that would be great.

  • developer


    Thanks for your report! Contact synchronization with Nextcloud is known to work well.

    Can you please provide steps to reproduce (maybe a test account?), Web server and CalDAV/CardDAV server logs taken while the problem occurs, DAVdroid debug info and verbose DAVdroid logs etc as described in [READ BEFORE POSTING] What’s required to diagnose a problem.

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