Everything worked, but gimp isn't drawing.

  • This is my previous issue but it was resolved: https://github.com/rfc2822/GfxTablet/issues/83

    I am using Galaxy Tab 10.1.
    Everything is working but the drawing. networktablet prints x, y and pressure. But when I try to draw with gimp, I can’t. It just clicks and makes dots on canvas but doesn’t draw lines. I have no idea because the rulers to the side show my movements perfectly (the triangles on the x and y axis rulers move according to where I put my pen and the triangles move as I draw). Also I think Galaxy Tab 10.1 supports hovering, but it doesn’t in gimp. I can see the x and y in the terminal when I hover, but in gimp the triangles on the rulers don’t move.

  • admin

    Did you make sure to set Edit → Input Devices → NetworkTablet to Screen? Other devices like a mouse can’t be used together.

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