• Hi, I do have the following setup:

    Nextcloud 13.0.2 local (blue)
    Nextcloud 13.0.2 internet (red)
    Galaxy mobile device incl. ANDROID 7.0 incl. aCalendar+ app (latest version)
    DAVDROID 1.11.2-gplay

    I do setup synchronization between the mobile device and the blue instance of nextcloud for calendardata, successfully ! Contacts do not synchronized, beacause of the vcard problem in nextcloud - contacts!

    Since the blue and the red nextcloud instances do not synchronize the calendar data, I do want to synchronize my mobile device at the same time with the red instance of nexctloud In DAVDROID I installed a 2. account synchronizing all local data with all calendars in the red instance - but no data ist available in the red instance.

    All calendars (from both instances) have the same name and some different colors (which is of course - is neglectible)

    I do find all calendars from both instances ( red & blue )in the aCalendar (V. 1.17.3) + app !

    Is there any way to resolve this unpleasant situation ??

    Any advice is highly appeciated !

    regards, hitam

  • developer


    Is there any way to resolve this unpleasan situation ??

    Yes, but it shouldn’t be done with DAVdroid. DAVdroid is a sync client between a server and Android and not a replication tool between servers.

    There should be another possibility to synchronize the collections between the servers, for instance with vdirsyncer.

    Does that help?

  • Thanks for your reply! I have to chek it out first!

    regards, hitam

  • Well, my goal ist to sync between my mobile and 2 servers at the same time, without any double entry on my mobile device!

  • developer

    @hitam4450 In my opinion, you would need two independent solutions:

    1. synchronize between the two servers (eg with cron job and vdirsyncer or webdavfs or …)
    2. synchronize between one of the servers and your mobile device

  • @rfc2822 The easiest way would be the ability to synchronize mobile data not only with one but maybe with two server at a time1

  • developer

    @hitam4450 I don’t agree. This is not within the scope of DAVdroid – it’s not a data replication tool. Thunderbird and other CalDAV clients don’t do this, too.

    You can find my suggestion above.

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