• Hi since I have activated two factor authentication in Nextcloud, davdroid is not able to connect to both contacts and calendar.
    I have generated an app key for davdroid. If only cardav or caldav is enabled then it works correctly. But when both are enabled only one of them is able to connect to nextcloud (the first one that tries to connect), the other tells that password is not correct.
    Davdroid is last version running on Android 6.0.1
    As a workaround I have configured 2 accounts pointing to the same nextcloud address. Each one with a different password. One with cardav sync enabled, the other with caldav enabled.
    But tasks do not work.

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    What do Nextcloud logs say?

  • Sorry for the noise. It was a problem with one of the accounts.
    Now it works as expected. Only one account needed and both cardav and caldav can connect. Tasks also work.

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