Put a confirmation before delete collection agenda or contacts ?

  • I use DAVDroid for 3 years and I am very satisfied.

    What do you think about putting a confirmation menu when you click on “delete collection”?
    Few days ago, I wanted to put my calendar in “read only” but a bad gesture made me touch “delete the collection” and I lost my agenda 😕.


    Fortunately, I had local backups but it took me a long time to get everything back in order.


  • developer


    I don’t understand that because there’s a confirmation dialog since the feature exists and collections will only be deleted after user confirmation (see screenshot).


    Are you sure that you didn’t delete the collection on the server and then refreshed the list in DAVdroid?

    Can you try to create a new collection and then delete it in DAVdroid again?

  • I really delete the calendar from DavDroid.
    But you’re right, now I have the confirmation dialogue:

    0_1524517705742_Screenshot_20180423-230537 (Copier).png
    1_1524517705742_Screenshot_20180423-230540 (Copier).png
    2_1524517705742_Screenshot_20180423-230543 (Copier).png

    Well … I do not understand, my version was downloaded recently on F-droid. The most important thing is that it works now, thanks rfc2822 ! ☺

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