DAVDroid 1.1.1 / self-signed cert, needs manual update

  • Hi,

    After upgrading to 1.1.1 via f-droid, DAVdroid did not connect to my server via SSL and self-signed certificate, registered on the phone as trusted CA. I had to manually confirm the certificate to get it back working. No such problem using If this is intended, I'd suggest a warning in the release notes.

  • developer


    I assume you mean 1.11?

    Are you absolutely sure that this is caused by DAVdroid and not a relation only in time (like a new certificate on the server)?

    I'm asking because there have not been any changes in certificate handling and we didn't see this behavior in our tests.

    If you're sure that it's caused by DAVdroid: Which cert provider are you using? Is the cert still valid? Can you provide more details and/or steps to reproduce?


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