DAVdroid 1.11 Release Notes

  • developer

    • new sync logic (preparation for Collection Sync, uses less memory)
    • improved notifications
      • "retry" and "view item" actions for sync errors
      • I/O errors are shown as minimum priority notifications (which are not shown in the notification bar, but when the notification drawer is pulled down)
      • notifications will disappear automatically if they're not useful anymore (for instance, the I/O error is gone after a while)
    • add start-up info dialog for vendor-specific auto-sync problems (notably Xiaomi and Huawei)
    • removed unnecessary permission activity (now handled by account activity)
    • library updates (including icaj4j 2.2.0 and okhttp 3.10 which should now be able to handle unexpected HTTP 100 status messages)
    • various other improvements and bug fixes


    If you get the "SQLiteException: no such column: metadata_dirty" error message when synchronizing contacts, please have a look at FAQ: SQLiteException: no such column: metadata_dirty


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