Deleting a single instance from recurring event gets reverted

  • Hi everyone,

    thanks for your good work with davdroid! Before opening a new topic I found this one that maybe is related to my problem.

    The weird behaviour I have with the default android calendar with recurring events is this: If I delete a single recurrent event, it first is gone in the calendar. As soon as I press “aktualisieren” = “sync” in the calendar, the event reappears. Is this the same problem? If so, are there any updates for a workaround? Is there another calendar app I could use?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • developer

    Which server do you use? Does it support recurring events with deleted instances? Please provide much more information: steps to reproduce, Web server and CalDAV/CardDAV server logs taken while the problem occurs, DAVdroid debug info and verbose DAVdroid logs as described in [READ BEFORE POSTING] What’s required to diagnose a problem.

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