calendar items not deleting

  • Hello,

    I like the davdroid app but noticed a strange thing:

    I use the solcalendar app because it is a whole lot nicer than the standard android calendar app.
    It all seems to work great except for one thing: When i delete an item, it won’t send a delete to the caldav server. At least, i don’t see it happening in any of my logfiles.
    It does send a delete whenever i change an item from one calendar to another, deleting it from the old and inserting it to the new calender, but just not whenever i just delete an item.
    On the next sync, the same item just pops up again.

    The caldav server is a custom made one, it gives all rights on any calendar and determines if an action is valid or not at the moment it is tried.

    I can’t seem to track the problem, any help would be appreciated!

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