Network Tablet not appearing in Wayland GIMP?

  • My understanding is that the GfxTablet driver should work on a Wayland desktop. I am able to make the driver and run it with sudo ./networktablet. When I move around on my phone, coordinates are logged to the networktablet terminal on my desktop.

    But when I launch GIMP and select Edit > Input Devices, there is no "Network Tablet" option.

    The installation instructions suggest running xinput list to test that the device is found. Of course, xinput is an application. How can I check that Network Tablet is appearing as expected under Wayland? Or provide useful feedback if it is not?


  • Output from sudo libinput list-devices | grep Device ...

    libinput error: event17 - Network Tablet: libinput bug: missing tablet capabilities: resolution.Ignoring this device.

    I tried starting the driver and device in a different order, in case resolution isn't set until the device first connects, but the error remains.

    Is there any additional info I can provide to help debug this?