• Hi there,

    first of all a BIG thank you and respect for the developer of DavDroid - really a fantastic App!

    I refer to this tutorial page: https://www.davdroid.com/tested-with/synology/

    The address to connect to the Synology didn’t work for me, the correct address should be:

    My Synology is updated to the latest version of DSM 6.1.

    Maybe there are other versions of DSM where the URL mentioned in the tutorial actually works, but I would be suprised. Suggest to correct it, or place a hint to the other spelling possibility.


  • developer

    Thanks, seems that this only applies to older versions of the CardDAV server. Did you update the CardDAV server package as well (not only the base system)?

    We have added this information to https://www.davdroid.com/tested-with/synology/ again.

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