CardDAV, Synology, DAVdroid and setup problems

  • Hi,

    I have synced DAVdroid on my Android mobile with CalDAV on my Synology NAS, works great.

    Having some difficulty with CardDav however.

    If I go into my DAVDroid account which I setup for my calendar I see two sections, one for CalDAV where I have my calendars setup, then one for CardDAV. If I attempt to add a new addressbook under CardDAV the “home set” field is already prepopulated with the url for my calendar and I cannot edit it.

    So I setup up a separate account for an address book, select “Login with URL and user name”. Enter url as per and username and password and create account.

    Oddly the new account has a calendar entry (and includes the calendars I have setup for my other account), nothing for contacts.

    What am I doing wrong?


  • This helped me resolve:

    Was not using the correct port

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