Feature request: Be more tolerant with slow/flaky server connections

  • I have configured ICSdroid to load four external calendars from the provider Posteo. Often (maybe once a week) I get lots of error messages, when the posteo server cannot be reached well. I would like to be able to ignore them (maybe just have them show up after a longer time of connection problems).


  • developer

    Thanks, I think better error notification management would of course be a good idea. Probably it would be enough to group the error messages so you can swipe all of them away with one gesture.

    However, as far as I remember, it’s not so easy to implement that…

  • @rfc2822 Yes, grouping would already be an improvement. But maybe it’s easier to not show them at all, unless the server connection stays broken for a longer time. That’s what I would prefer.

  • developer

    Those notifications should disappear as soon as the next successful sync is run, which should happen a short time after an I/O error. Can you confirm that these messages go away by themselves?

    Maybe we can change them to minimum priority notifications like in DAVdroid

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