Contacts only sync 300 entries of over 2000 entries

  • Hi,
    I have a ZTE Axon Android platform. I just purchased the DavDroid app for syncing calendars and contacts from various sources.
    I added a card dav account from an iRedmail server using SOGo.
    Once the account is added and verified I pick the address book I want to sync. The sync process starts and it stops at 300. I waited for 24 hours and it has not moved past 300 synced contacts. I have disabled the power saving options for the app.
    What am I missing ?? I don’t know why it stops at 300.
    I can add a new contact from the phone and it syncs back to the server, but I cannot get all of the contacts to sync from the server to my phone.
    Thank you

  • admin

    Maybe there is a contact that is corrupt or so. Without logs we can’t say whats wrong. You can activate the logging in the DAVdroid app settings.

    Remove the account first, then add it again but don’t select an address book and don’t start the sync process yet. Start the logging after it and then select the address book and press the sync button in the account menu on the top. You can send the logs to - then we can have a look at it.

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