Cannot delete or rename account?

  • For the life of me I cannot figure out how to delete or rename an account in Davdroid.

    Long clicking on the account name doesn’t do anything, and neither within the account nor outside of there is a menu showing any option in this sense.

    Is there even a way to do it?

    Version 1.9.2-ose on Android 4.3

    (I wish I could update to the latest version but GooglePlay doesn’t let me, says not compatible)

  • admin

    Inside the account there is a delete button in the action overflow. Otherwise you can delete the account from the Android settings → Accounts. Renaming is available from Android 5 and above. The new minimum version for DAVdroid is now Android 4.4 - so to use newer versions you need a new Android version!

  • I used Android settings > accounts, it worked, thank you. However there is absolutely no command to delete accounts from within the app.

  • admin

    The delete option is found in the specific account, at top right in the 3dot-menu. Alternatively you can always delete accounts also from the Android accounts view where all accounts are stored.

  • admin

    @nonhocapito did you find it?

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