Synology Diskstation & Baikal - DAVdroid won't create an account

  • Hello there!

    After days of searching the internet I’m giving up: I set up Baikal on my Synology Diskstation, but DAVdroid won’t create an account…
    As basic-URL I tried

    The resource-recognition (Ressourcen-Erkennung) is either calling the server-information for hours or I get the message

    “Ressourcen-Erkennung - Es konnte weder ein CalDAV- noch ein CardDAV-Dienst gefunden werden” (Neither CalDAV nor CardDAV service could be found)

    In the protocol it says:
    [HttpClient] <-- 405 Not Allowed http://[myDS]

    At least http://[myDS] is accessible through my browser.

    Do you have any ideas? Thanks for helping!

  • admin

    Did you try the standard CardDAV and Calendar package of Synology DSM?

    Did you have a look at our help pages for Baikal and Synology already?

  • Thanks for the quick answer. Already tried the help pages for Baikal and Synology.

    Just installed CardDAV and Calender

    Tried CardDAV:

    http Ports 5000, 5005
    No CalDAV or CardDAV service found, the protocol says:
    ‘’‘<-- HTTP FAILED: Failed to connect to [myDS]’‘’

    http Port 8008
    https Ports 5001, 5006, 8443
    there is also no success: The resource-recognition is just in the server-information-calling-loop

    WORKS with http Port 5000
    doesn’t work with https Port 5001:
    ‘’‘HTTP FAILED: failed to connect to [myDS] (port 5001) after 30000ms
    [ui.setup.DavResourceFinder] PROPFIND/OPTIONS on user-given URL failed’‘’

    Still Error
    ‘’‘[HttpClient] <-- 405 Not Allowed http://[myDS]’‘’

  • admin

    I have no other suggestions, sorry… Here it works out of the box with CardDAV and Calendar packages. Maybe you need to look at the SSL certificates or so…

  • admin

    Did you make sure not to enable the WebDAV package?

  • WebDAV is turned off… So it should rather be a problem with synology, right? I’ll post in their forum and report here after. Thanks anyway!

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