Doesn't sync with davical

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    @khades Yes, please see the posting in the mailing list I have linked above. If you have any suggestions why this problem occurs, please post here (or there if it’s DAViCal-related – I think it is).

  • can you please tell how you did send multiget request with curl? cant make it work with xml you provided in davical-general.

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    @khades curl --data @request.xml --user name:passwd -H "Content-Type: application/xml" -X REPORT https://server/path/to/collection/
    (put the multiget request from the list into request.xml)

  • fast kinda fix
    if ( empty($properties) ) $properties[‘DAV::allprop’] = 1;
    changed in
    $properties[‘DAV::allprop’] = 1;

    in caldav-REPORT-multiget.php of davical
    now it returns etags, but not data. It wasnt returning even etag.

    11-14 18:06:41.765: INFO/davdroid.RemoteCollection(15582): Getting resource: 8076225d-6736-4796-a5e1-74c5ec748c6f.ics with etag “bfe66a1f996217e29d1e0deb5d7a012d” with type null
    11-14 18:06:41.767: ERROR/davdroid.RemoteCollection(15582): Ignoring entity without content
    11-14 18:06:41.767: INFO/davdroid.RemoteCollection(15582): Getting resource: 724628d1-9099-4fe4-8c11-36410040bcf2.ics with etag “b1bcd0e57798813104d9469bcc918534” with type null
    11-14 18:06:41.767: ERROR/davdroid.RemoteCollection(15582): Ignoring entity without content
    11-14 18:06:41.770: INFO/davdroid.RemoteCollection(15582): Getting resource: c23ca5e4-37f2-4e75-b546-3bde66037ef2.ics with etag “f1b56b8eb8bb7c3a66b8825612ce8c66” with type null
    11-14 18:06:41.771: ERROR/davdroid.RemoteCollection(15582): Ignoring entity without content

    (i added some more output logging)

    now there’s other problem, what is actual bugtracker of davical? i know there’s davical development on git, and you posted to sourceforge

    so there’s problems in properties query.

    Does davdroid query for specific properties?

  • [DAV::href] => 1
    is in that properties, so it doesnt add allprop

  • riiiight. it is davdroid problems probably, it should request for DAV::getetag and urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:caldav:calendar-data

    i added kinda cludge

    i added in caldav-REPORT-multiget.php

    if (( count($properties) == 1) && ( $properties[‘DAV::href’] == 1)) {
    $properties[‘DAV::getetag’] = 1;

    if ( empty($properties) ) $properties[‘DAV::allprop’] = 1;

    and it worked.

  • that props i got from thunderbird\sunbird query

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    So where’s the problem? DAVdroid requests DAV:getetag and CALDAV:calendar-data / CARDDAV:addressbook-data. Can you give me a hint?

  • it doesnt request any of CALDAV:calendar-data / CARDDAV:addressbook-data, i checked that adding logs in caldav-REPORT-multiget.php

    $fd = fopen("/tmp/php-davical", “a”);
    // write string
    fwrite($fd, print_r($properties, true)."\n");
    // close file


    if ( empty($properties) ) $properties[‘DAV::allprop’] = 1;

    and it did shown me that nothing was requesting except href

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    DAVdroid does request getetag and calendar-data/addressbook-data, but maybe DAViCal doesn’t understand the request and thinks that nothing of it was requested? Or please give me hint what could be wrong in the request.

  • how to log what xml and type of request is made in davdroid? in what class does it generate?

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    The adb logcat with tag “davdroid” shows generated requests (they’re logged). The multiget request is created here (but of course other classes are involved/referenced).

    In line 290/292 you can see how the addressData/calendarData prop is set for the request.

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    @khades Can you please try to put the <href>s after the <prop> in the request (with curl again) and check if it works for you?

  • didnt understood what you want

  • developer

    Can you try doing the request with curl again, but not


    but with


    and see if DAViCal then parses the request correctly?

  • yes, it works that way

  • Great, Thanks a lot, I will confirm it’s working in next release

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