• I’m sharing my calendar with my wife.
    We are using Google calendar and as
    Calendar App “Buisness Calendar” on Android.

    We are using different colors for an event to mark something. Red means important and already confirmed date, Blue for a reminder and so on.

    Now I want to avoid Google and tried Davdroid for Sync and posteo.de as Server.

    I found no way in the settings to sync the event color between the client.
    It was possible to use just the calendar color or every person his own color but no sync from my device to her or vice versa. Even for newly created events.

    Is there a option to do so or must I return back to Google?

    Thanks in advance

  • developer

    For event colors,

    • the setting “event colors” in the account settings must be turned on,
    • the server must support or at least not filter the COLOR property to encode event colors.

    Did you turn on the setting?

  • developer

    I have just tested posteo.de with event colors using aCalendar successfully:

    Device A:

    1. Add posteo account to DAVdroid
    2. Enable “event colors” in account
    3. Add event with color in aCalendar
    4. Synchronize

    Device B:

    1. Add posteo account to DAVdroid
    2. Enable “event colors” in account
    3. Synchronize
    4. Event is downloaded and has the same color

    It should work with BusinessCalendar, too.

  • developer

    I have found that event colors were reset when there are multiple DAVdroid accounts (at least one with event colors enabled, and at least one event colors disabled) because of some unexpected/insecure Android API behavior (sync adapters may modify raw events of other sync adapters, which seems to be not intended and most likely a [security] bug).

    Please tell us whether it works with the APK I have sent to you by email, where this problem is worked around.

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