can't download distant content

  • hi everyone, thanks for the davdroid app !
    This is my last chance by posting here…
    i use a android 5.0.2 phone, samsung A3 2015, davdroid 1.9.7-ose

    With my account configured in davdroid i’m able to sync my contacts but not my calendars.

    it’s give me an error like “error during the download of distant entry”

    i’ve tryed to download my calendar by the http way : after login and pass : it’s work well.

    My server seems to be OK.

    i’m quite lost

    Someone has a idea ?? a way to search ?
    ask me for the debug info i’ll send you by mp.

    Thanks in advance !

  • admin

    what server do you use? did you have a look on our testes services web site for help on setup?

    can you send us the debug log that appears to

  • hi, thx for your reply!

    The server i use is Baïkal .

    the debug file is send, thank you !

  • admin

    Thanks for the logs! Seems to be a server fault or apache bug. Try to delete this task: and force a sync again. Then create it on the phone again within the Open Tasks app.

    Does it help?

  • hum Only the “art” calendar is causing trouble, no ? Cause on the laptop the art calendar is checked with the “readonly” option … why? surely a bad clic from my part…let’s uncheck and we will see if it’s change something…

  • Hello, the read-only uncheck don’t do nothing, i erase the art calendar, without effect (there is an error similar on an other calendar)
    i resend you the actual log…
    all the synchronisation seem OK (calendars, and contacts, in both ways) but the error message go on…

  • admin

    Thank you for the debug logs. However it still seems to be a problem with the server. CalDAV/CardDAV servers must send an E-Tag (to determine if resources have changed) and yours does not seem to transmit it to DAVdroid… Maybe try another server and import your resources manually?

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