Calendar items in phone are synced then will change time

  • Versions

    • Zimbra 8.7.11
    • Android 7.1.1
    • DAVDroid 1.9.7-ose


    • Events created from phone or from computer will sometimes display on the phone as being at 23:30(with no finish time).
    • In instances where a solo(not sent to anyone else) event is created by me on my phone, sometimes it will end up being moved to 23:30 the previous day.
    • They will always be the day before the actual event was created.
    • This happens on events owned by me or other zimbra users.
    • Moving one of these incorrectly synced events on the computer to another day will result in it being displayed on the phone at 23:30 the day prior.
    • Moving one of these incorrectly synced events on the phone to another day will result in the computer matching the 23:30 date as updated by the phone


    • I've tested CalDAV connectivity on Thunderbird and this behaviour is not observed, so I suspect the issue is with something on the phone side instead of the server side.
    • Every device has it's time zone set correctly to Australia/Melbourne


    • When I did a adb logcat I wasn't able to find anything that gave any clues or detail about the times of the test event being synced down by the phone.
    • Instead of me pasting an overload of log file noise, is there any specific logs or log levels you'd like me to retrieve and add to this post?

  • developer


    Can you provide a test account and specific steps to reproduce so that I can reproduce the problem? Please send it to (PGP 🔑).

  • thanks @rfc2822

    I just sent you some login details

  • developer

    @zstephen Thanks! Do you know specific steps to reproduce the problem, so that I can try without having to play around first? Does this happen only for some events?

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