"Schreibschutz erzwingen" <-> one way sync unklar

  • Hallo Forum,

    was genau bedeutet die "Schreibschutz Erzwingen" Einstellung? Weder hier im Forum noch in den FAQs noch im Manual habe ich gefunden, was das bedeutet, und wie genau das funktionieren soll. In alten Versionen gab es mal "one way sync" und wenn ich mich recht erinnere konnte man auch noch die Richtung festlegen (Nur Änderungen vom Server übernehmen oder Änderungen am Gerät werden an den Server gesendet).


  • admin


    Did you have a look at https://www.davdroid.com/manual/accounts/#c208? It's described there. There was no "one way sync" in earlier versions. "Force read-only" has been introduced in DAVdroid 1.9.4.

  • Hi devvv4ever,

    yes, I read the paragraph, but I think it's a bit ambiguous. Thanks anyway, and thank you for developing the app, greatly appreciated!

    I just removed the app from the phone, any remaining calendars and reinstalled everything, seems to work fine now! When checking the error logs I realized there was a problem with the sqlite db from an old version (a column or table was missing, sth with 'force...').



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