Is server carddav support required?

  • Hello Everybody!

    I am building own caldav server. I can not to create account for my server and when reading logfile, I see that davdroid is making '.well-known/cardav' PROPFIND requests. My server have no carddav support. Is this carddav support required to use Davdroid?

    Here is my log:


  • developer


    No, CardDAV support is not required. DAVdroid can use CalDAV and/or CardDAV.

  • Should server then return HTTP code 501 (not implemented) for any carddav requests?

  • developer

    @juham Shouldn't be necessary. When you don't send the address-book capabilities on OPTIONS and don't provide CardDAV properties, that should be enough.

    However, when you receive REPORT requests you don't understand, you'll have to return the appropriate error code.