Davdroid stuck on 'configuration detection' on Galaxy S6, works on S8

  • Hi,
    I wondered if anyone has even had problems with Davdroid on an Android phone, but it works on another which has the same setup?

    davdroid is working fine for calDAV & cardDAV, on a galaxy S8. Syncs both addressbooks and calendars fine, both LAN and WAN; but with exactly the same parameters and settings on a Galaxy S6, CardDAV does not, although CalDAV works fine on this too.
    CardDAV is just hanging on the ‘configuration detection’ message.
    So, I’m trying to figure our why CardDAV does not work.
    CalDAV is connecting to Calendar Service on Synology Diskstation.
    CardDAV is connecting to Baikal service, on the same Disktation.
    Both Galaxy S6 and S8 are running current Android (7.0)
    Diskstation running DSM 6.0.3-8754 Update 6
    Baikal version 0.2.7-002 (most update to date available on the platform)
    Calendar version 2.1.0-0425 (most update to date available on the platform)
    Using https connection. Port set to 4430.
    Firewalls set correctly. Certificate correct and present.
    Connecting using the correct addressbook URL (and calendar URL), (as defined https://www.davdroid.com/manual/accounts/#c20)

    I’ve been looking into this for 2 days now, checking, doublechecking, verging on binning davDroid, or Diskstation, or the phones. Or all three, and going back to using a book!

    Any suggestions would be most thankfully received.

  • developer

    Can you access the CardDAV URL in the Android browser on your S6?

  • Hi rfc2822,
    Yes it is visible, on both S6 and S8.
    I have got it to work, strangely by turning WiFi off and going via WAN.
    On checking functionality, it is not syncing changes on made on phone (both S8 and S6) back to Server side, LAN or WAN, but it is syncing changes made on server. So I will look into this a bit more. As this is on both phones, I’m assuming its probably a permission thing. Will update forum when I have resolved issue or not!

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