contacts app not linked to caldav contacts

  • Heya,
    I’m using davdroid to sync contacts and events between my Android 7 and a Nextcloud server (it used to be an owncloud server, recently upgraded to nextcloud). As far as I can tell syncing is working fine for both contacts and events, and the calendar is working just fine. The davdroid account shows up in the Account setting apps.

    The problem is that the contact book is empty. The default Contacts android app seems to be aware only of the Google account and doesn’t see the davdroid one. There is an add account button, but if I pick the davdroid option to add one, it just brings me to the davdroid settings where the nextcloud account already exists. There seems to be no way to tell the Contacts app that it should use the Davdroid account. Any idea how to fix this?

    (again, the davdroid account does exist in the general account setting, it has both carddav and caldav enabled, and it seems to be syncing just fine. I’m just at loss at how to tell the contacts app to use it)

    Note that i’ve disabled syncing contacts to my google account, as the whole point for me here is not sharing contacts with google :), is that a problem?

  • developer

    Possibly a problem of your firmware’s Contacts app. Did you try Google Contacts from Google Play?

  • The phone is a nexus 6, with stock android (7.1.1). I double-checked just to be sure, but I’m indeed using Google Contacts from Google Play.

  • Oh, but it was indeed a glitch by Google Contacts !
    I’ve uninstalled the app and reinstalled it, and now all works well :-))

    Thanks for making me check and for your quick reply.

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