Should tasks show up in other tasks apps after davdroid sync? - comprehension question

  • davdroid 1.9.9-gplay, LineageOS 14.1

    I can see and sync my task lists in davdroid and see the tasks in opentasks. I can also sync calendars and see them in any of my calendar apps. However, the task lists and tasks don’t show up in other apps like business calendar 2 or tasks free. Is this by design or is there an error on my side?

  • developer


    Yes, this is by design. Android doesn’t have a tasks provider, so DAVdroid relies on the OpenTasks task provider. You can however edit those task lists/tasks in apps which also use the OpenTasks task provider, like aCalendar. I don’t know whether other apps support the OpenTasks task provider, but they could add it.

  • Thank you for the quick answer, I was fearing something like this. I will have a look at aCalendar and other apps that might be using OpenTasks.
    (I’d really like to have one app that is able to show and manage both my Google and my CalDav calendars and tasks and to display them as widgets or something…)

    Update: I just bought aCalendar+ as it does everything I need so I’m happy now.

  • I have an old aCalendar with their Tasks module, but its not aCalendar+, so maybe that’s why I’m unable to get Tasks syncing through OpenTasks.

    I sent an email to tapirapps about not having a setting to make that work, maybe I just need the aCalendar+ instead…

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