Galaxy S8, 'state' attribute not set correctly

  • Hello,

    i recently switched from an xperia z3 to an galaxy s8. I noticed, that all appointments created on the phone are marked in a different color (a lighter shade), than the ones created in thunderbird. The reason is, that they are marked as ‘tentative’

    This issue only occurs when using the default calendar app, but since the non-selling-all-your-data-alternatives lack essential features, I can’t switch. So I would really like an option in DAVDroid to just ignore the “state” attribute (and other ‘useless’ or bugged) attributes. Or maybe you developers can build in a workaround for the s8’s default calendar app, since Samsung certainly won’t take care of the issue…

    Additional info:
    Samsung Galaxy S8, Exynos version, default rom, default calendar-app (updated to most recent version)
    Thunderbird 52.5.0, 32Bit on Windows
    Synology Diskstation Build-In WebDAV/CalDAV Server (not GUI-Package)
    DSM 6.0.3-8754
    Steps to recreate problem:

    • Create an appointment on phone with default options. Only set the title.
    • Sync to server and then to thunderbird.
    • Create an appointment in thunderbird and sync again.
    • Observe color and state of both appointments
  • developer

  • developer

    Did you try Google Calendar or aCalendar from Play Store? Which features are you missing in those?

  • Thanks for the quick reply, helps a lot.

    Tried google calendar and really didn’t like it.
    I will try aCalendar, since it seems to have a solid privacy policy a comes in a no-ads variant.

  • developer

    @lncx_n7 We also had good experience with DigiCal and Business Calendar 2. Personally, we use Etar and S Planner (although both crash when setting event colors). Fortunately, there are a lot of good calendar apps out there 🙂

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