Restore a CardDAV address book that has been heavily used offline?

  • After backing up all my apps and their data, i updated my Lineage OS.
    When i restored my Apps, it turned out that i had an CardDAV address book in use that was offline for a long time. Many contacts have been updated in the phone but never been synced. The problem is that i can’t re-establish the account within the new instance of Lineage, because the URL (and it’s server) is dead.

    I had no success restoring Contacts, Contact Storage Provider (What does that by the way?), DAVdroid or Accounts.
    [Q] How can i restore the contact data of the above mentioned CardDAV address book?

    Updating a Samsung Galaxy S5 from Cyanogenmod 12 to Lineage 14.1 - using oandbackup and DAVdroid 1.9-ose

  • admin

    All contacts are stored in Androids contacts storage provider. If the sync did not run properly and your contacts storage is corrupt you can’t get your contacts back. I suggest to maybe look in the SQlite database directly. If you’ve a rooted phone as it seems you can access it also via adb. Look at our FAQ at point 3 and 4:

    Maybe you can copy them from there or at least save it.

    Also have a look here for a better understanding of the components involved with DAVdroid: It always helps 🙂

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