No CalDAV/CardDAV service found - other Clients work


i just buy DavDroid and try to connect to my Nextcloud 12.0.3 on Apache2, PHP7 (Debian 9.2, all up to date) and got the Error

"Es konnte weder ein CalDAV- noch ein CardDAV-Dienst gefunden werden.”

or in english "No CalDAV/CardDAV service found".

I upload the log here.

I have test the Carddav Nextcloud Server with wget and vdirsyncer, every works well. I can access the Nextcloud from every browser, there is a lets enrypt certificate.

Any ideas whats wrong?

Ah.. hmm ... if i use the path:

it works. Can find DavDroid the path not with the short URL ?



DAVdroid works very well with Nextcloud.
Did you look up our information page here:

If you set up .well-known paths you should be able to use a short path - but this has to be set up by you on the server side. Information can be found here: → "How does service discovery work".

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