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    I am building my own caldav server and I am trying to get it work with DAVDroid. I am running a DAVDroid client on my android phone(Android 7). I could make a account on DD and syncronizing my calendar goes without any errors. In fact the phone’s calendar gets not syncronizer. I have noticed from my servers logs that DD client is making one PROPFIND when making “Refresh calendar list”. It is making no queries when running common syncronization from DD or from phone’s calendar app.

    Here I have a DAVDroid log:

    Could anyone tell what is wrong with my server?
    Why client is not making any REPORT query?
    There is a KeyStore exception. What does that mean?


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    it’s nice that you want to make your own CalDAV server. That is quite a complex task… Local calendars can’t be synchronized automatically. If you need the local events you need to export them first, then import them again into an existing DAVdroid account.

    A KeyStore exception is popping up when you have problems with the encryption. Keep in mind that if using encryption your server and your client (Android) must have at least one cipher that can be used for the encryption.

    What do you mean with the REPORT query? DAVdroid is using it.

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