Only birthday and anniversary dates for a contact

  • Hi there,

    I thought when creating a new contact that there are different types of dates that can be used (like in a google contact). But there are only two types: birthday and anniversary.
    So, if this is a fault of davdroid, please fix it. If it isn’t how can I get them all back?

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  • admin


    what do you mean with “get them back”? Did you create contacts somwhere else that offered other options than the two mentioned? If yes, which ones? Please provide as much information as possible and also steps to reproduce.

  • Hi @devvv4ever

    and sorry for the delay. Cant login during the last 14days.
    Yeah, of course you have to have more than that two options. google offers 4 options: birthday, anniversary, others, user defined. And you can create as much dates as you like: think about family members, coworkers you sum up in one contact. You dont want to have only one telephone number for all those “members” to be created, dont you? lets have the possibility to create as much dates as we need. especially user defined ones.

    Hope you get my point.

    Thanks and good night.

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  • developer

    vCard only defines birth day, anniversary and – with an extension – death date, so I’m afraid that it’s not possible to synchronize other events in a compatible way.

    So this is not a fault of DAVdroid, but a limitation by vCard/CardDAV.

    Of course we could create X-DAVDROID-EVENT or something like that, but those dates couldn’t be used by other clients and thus would be of very limited use. Do you have a suggestion on how to save those events?

  • Hi there,

    copy that @rfc2822. I’m not in programming, just a user who wants to use DAVDROID as an alternative to google. So if this isn’t possible, because of limitations theres no real use (for me) creating a DAVDROID contact. Btw: Do we get those dates to calendar? Haven’t tried it so far.

    Kind regards,

  • developer

    @herz_ag May I know what your use case is? It would help to evaluate this and maybe there’s another solution.

    Those dates are not automatically available in the calendar, but there are apps, see (linked from According to its description, it shows “birthdays, anniversaries and other events” in the calendar.

  • Hi @rfc2822
    heres the usual scenario:
    take a family with 2 small kids. You create on family contact with 4 birthdays, 1 anniversary, maybe 2 or three other dates belonging to them.
    Or a company with two or more employees you know there. I dont create two or more contacts for this, but combine them in one. So if I get some birthdays I want to list them as user defined birthdays: employee1 (support), employee2 (finance) etc.

    I already knew the birthday adapter but this doesnt help if I cant create more than one for a contact ;-). But if it works with davdroid contact thats fine.

    kind regards,

  • developer

    @herz_ag I see. I’m afraid this can’t be done either with standard CardDAV/vCard (contacts must have exactly 0 or 1 BDAY), nor with most Android contact apps, which don’t allow do set more than one birthday per contact. Other event types than anniversary and birthday would be supported by Android, but are not supported by vCard and could only be implemented over DAVdroid-specific X- properties, which would not be supported by other clients. Maybe this will be implemented in the future, but at the moment, there is no priority for that.

    So for the moment, I recommend to create multiple contacts with one birthday per contact.

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