• Hi, I have the synology calendar server application running on my Synology NAS (ds213j), and using Thunderbird (+Lightning) as caldav client on my PC. Everything works fine.
    On my android phone (MotoG3 witrh Android 7.1.2 lineage OS) I use davdroid together with the native calendar app from google (but I tried many of them, with the same behavior): calendar syncing works perfectly, but when I add some guest to the event, no email notification is sent to this guests. I read about a similar issue in the forum (but whith owncloud as a calendar server) https://forums.bitfire.at/post/5228 and I’m wondering if the conclusion will be the same (to change the kind of calendar server).

  • developer

    Yes, this has to be supported by the server. DAVdroid just sets RSVP=true [https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5545#section-3.2.17] for group-scheduled events.

  • Thanks forma the reply.
    My understanding is that the server works as it should (when I sue Thunderbird, e-mail invitation to the guests are sent ad expected).
    Looking at the link you kindly sent me, it seems, ifI’m not wrong, that the RSVP variable is set to false, by default. I suppose that it should become true when I add a guest to the event. How is it possible to double check this? When I look to the server side, the event created through davdroid is present, and the list of guests is present too, exactly how it happens when I use Thunderbird. But, in reality, with davdroid, the guests didn’t receive any notification.


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    @enricosacchi You can enable verbose logs in DAVdroid Settings (screenshot), then upload a group-scheduled event and have a look into the logs. You can see the uploaded event there and whether the ATTENDEEs have RSVP=true.

  • Thanks again for your reply. Effectively, when I look on the server, the variable RSVP is set to true, both when I use thunderbird as caldav client, and when I use davdroid. So, still I don’t understand why, in one case, the invitation mail is sent, and in the other case it isn’t.
    I’ll try another caldav server (baycal). Has anyone experience of a caldav server to be used with davdroid as a client, able to send the invitation email to guests? Thanks,

  • developer

    Is the ORGANIZER correct in the uploaded events?It’s taken from the (DAVdroid) account name. It should be the email address of the one who’s sending the invitations. Otherwise, invitations may not be sent.

  • @rfc2822 Sorry for my late reply. Yes, the organizer is correct, and it is my email address. I installed, in the meanwhile, another calendar server (baikal) on my Synology NAS. And I have the same behavior I had before. The syncrhonization among client (thunderbird on PC and davdroid on android) works perfectly, but while using thunderbird notivficatio email are effectively sent to the invited guests, the same does not happen when I use davdroid to create an event. I suspect I’m doing something wrong on my android phone…

  • I was exericing the same thing, so a asked Synology about it.
    This is there response;

    After confirming by our developers, this is the current limitation that we don’t support to send the invitation from the CalDAV client (In this case, it’s Davdroid).
    We will have more discussion to support this feature in the future release.
    Hope that we could support this feature in the near future, and in the meantime, we apologize for any inconvenience caused.
    Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.

  • admin

    Thank you for posting their answer here, it is interesting! Hopefully Synology can improve it in the future, which would be very nice and brings users a nice workflow.

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