How to sync Google for Business calendars?


Hi all.
I'm testing DAVDroid with Google for Business (paid GMAIL).
The contact sync seems to be working with the URL

The calendar instead don't.
I have tried different URLs from different sources, but they all seem to be wrong as DAVDroid complains that it cannot create the needed calendar.
Is there anyone who is successfully using DAVDroid with Google calendar?
If so, any hint would be greatly appreciated.



Seems that it really doesn't work anymore (at least not without OAuth):

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@rfc2822 Thanks for reply.
In the quoted thread I don't see a diagnosis, just a report.
Of course as you are labelled as "developer", this needs to be a reference answer. Isn't it?

Anyway, I have found this document from Google that could add some light.


As written here: Google is not "officially" tested with DAVdroid... We can't check all servers and services all the time and Google is known for changing things radically pretty often. When we find time, we will update the documention or delete it if it's now working any more. It this case it's probably only the location that changed. If you find something out, please tell us.

Thank you for the link, we will have a look at it.

@Uqbar Have you tried this URL:

I can see that they seem to require OAuth, which is not supported by DAVdroid. But nevertheless it could work. Please try!

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@devvv4ever , yes, I had to infer the calid (which is a long hex number) from the web UI.
But it didn't work.

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