Auto-sync problem with samsung A5 2017

  • Hi all,
    I have a problem with DavDroid on my samsung A5 2017.
    I have 2 accounts configured with 2 different servers (Zimbra and nextcloud) and the problem appears for both accounts.
    So I think it is a problem of davdroid with my phone.
    Moreover another installation on davdroid on another phone with same accounts does not present this problem.
    So it is not a server problem ...

    Back to my problem.
    In fact all sync (calendar and contacts) are working great. I set auto-sync to every 60 minutes and everything is working well.
    But when I reboot the phone auto-sync configuration is lost in dav-droid. I need to set sync interval back to 60 minutes again in davdroid configuration. And when I reboot, config is lost again.

    I think, I have right permissions for calendar and contact.
    I deactivated battery optimisation.
    Sync is enable on my phone.
    I have read things on the forum about starting davdroid at boot, but I don't have such options on my phone.

    Please find here logs (before setting sync interval then after + journal file after reboot that show an exception).

    Any help would be appreciated because I want to continue to use this great app.

  • developer

    We have found that Maximum power saving mode resets DAVdroid sync intervals, see Maybe this is your problem?

  • @rfc2822
    no I don't use it, so it is not related to my problem.
    is there something I can do to help you understand the problem ?

  • developer

    @flomine I see. Then I don't have any idea, nor can I reproduce the problem.

  • admin

    @flomine DAVdroid relies on the Android sync scheduler. So Android is calling DAVdroid in the intervals you set to perform the synchronization. It must be a system component or other app that resets your sync schedule. Make sure that no other apps manage the global synchronization intervals. Samsung and maybe other manufacturers have developed a "maximum power saving mode". If this is activated (it can also activate itself automatically) it resets all sync config to manual (also the one you set in DAVdroid). The sad thing is these process does not set it back to the original value. Maybe this information helps you to find the cause of the reset.

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