Auto-sync problem with samsung A5 2017

  • Hi all,
    I have a problem with DavDroid on my samsung A5 2017.
    I have 2 accounts configured with 2 different servers (Zimbra and nextcloud) and the problem appears for both accounts.
    So I think it is a problem of davdroid with my phone.
    Moreover another installation on davdroid on another phone with same accounts does not present this problem.
    So it is not a server problem ...

    Back to my problem.
    In fact all sync (calendar and contacts) are working great. I set auto-sync to every 60 minutes and everything is working well.
    But when I reboot the phone auto-sync configuration is lost in dav-droid. I need to set sync interval back to 60 minutes again in davdroid configuration. And when I reboot, config is lost again.

    I think, I have right permissions for calendar and contact.
    I deactivated battery optimisation.
    Sync is enable on my phone.
    I have read things on the forum about starting davdroid at boot, but I don't have such options on my phone.

    Please find here logs (before setting sync interval then after + journal file after reboot that show an exception).

    Any help would be appreciated because I want to continue to use this great app.

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