Sync problem with calendar after provider Update

  • I hope you can help me.
    I can’t figure it out, if it is a server or a client problem.

    I’ve been synchronizing my contacts and calendars with DAVdroid over years.
    Now my provider has updated the Horde software (Version unknown).

    And now DAVdroid is reporting a error during the synchronization process.
    He synchs my contacts, tasks, and my calender 2 and 3 perfectly and with no problems.
    But my main Calendar1 reporting an error:

    Server error while listing the server entries

    Attached the debug info.
    (Just removed my personal stuff)

    Don’t know what this message is:
    Expected 207 Multi-Status, got 200 OK

    Thx for your help!


  • developer

    This is a server problem. Please contact Horde support and provide your DAVdroid debug info.

  • I’ve fixed the problem.

    The problem was caused by old calendar entries.
    Clearing the howl calendar made the error disappeared.
    So Thread could be closed.

    Thx for your answer!


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