• I’ve been using gfxtablet for about 2 days now and fixed a couple of layout related issues on my own, but even though it is a cool application, I believe it is a very immature and dead project right now as the frequent short lag spikes render this application to be useless for production and there has not been any update in a long time.

    I think we should implement a direct connection, using wifi direct or preferably USB and use a more reliable method for packets.

    If this project is no longer maintained, I suggest we create a new repository.

  • there it is give an GFXTablet+ we are should look to hold it small(so, the summarys of GFXTablet-projects for have an overall view /synopsis ), because many other names and manny other projects, it’s easy confusing afterwards if be there so many new Projects…
    but… maybe GFXTablet infinity or DieHard4.0 +giggle+ no, in serious, if you want make further, should you ask for Admin or something or even to able for programming with …
    mail they are and try to become access. that’s the best what you can make .
    best regards

  • I’m interested in participating in a new version. I’ve been considering the possibility of using Bluetooth, and in some type of imaging on the tablet. Like copying an image of the screen every so often so you have at least some idea of where you are drawing. I’m not talking full real-time like VNC, but more like a half second refresh rate. That would improve the usefulness a lot. I already did some test drawing with it and it is useful for sure, but would be great with some improvements.

    Perhaps the data for mouse input on the screen could more reliably be communicated over Bluetooth and the screen imaging could be done over the WiFi.

  • @samachr, I tried another program which used bluetooth and it was still not responsible enough to be used for production.
    I was wondering if we could transmit data over the USB somehow.
    Also, I thought about transferring video too but I don’t think a low frame rate will be useful.
    And the owner of this project is apparently not interested in it anymore, I think we should fork it, as the last update was done a year ago on this.

  • I did some testing over usb and it is more responsive. Results are instant. Most notable difference is the lack of lag spikes.

    I did this using a usb tether on my cyanogenmod based android tablet. The setup was fairly straightforward.

    Plug in usb
    on tablet turn on tethering
    on computer go to the networking and look at the new wired connection for the ip address
    on tablet open gfxtablet and go to settings, type in the ip address of the computer
    on computer run the receiver application
    Good to go.

  • Also, the main purpose for the video is so you can see where you are about to draw. My tablet doesn’t have any hover or pressure, so I just have to guess where on the screen it is going to draw. If I had a visual that updated even once a second, that would be enough to glance down and see what I’m going to draw on and then look back up at the screen. to continue drawing. Not overly necessary, but very helpful.

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