• Dear all,

    Following my previous issue (Unable to sync / add new account on Android 7.0 after DAVdroid update), I have since a few days a new issue.

    I’m always under Android 7.0 and DAVdroid (unfortunately, the last release of DAVdroid is always revealing the Android 7.0 bug).

    I deleted and uninstalled DAVdroid, and reinstalled it ( from scratch. But no change, I have “No CalDAV/CardDAV service found” when I try to add an account.

    The calendar synchronisation is OK on Thunderbird (on a PC). And from Firefox on my smartphone, I can download the calendrier.ics file (after authentication).

    Please find the debug file : here

    Thanks in advance for your help, again !

  • developer

    2017-11-02 17:17:40 1103 [HttpClient$1] <-- HTTP FAILED: java.net.ProtocolException: Expected ':status' header not present
    2017-11-02 17:17:40 1103 [ui.setup.DavResourceFinder] PROPFIND/OPTIONS on user-given URL failed
    EXCEPTION java.net.ProtocolException: Expected ':status' header not present
    	at okhttp3.internal.http.Http2xStream.readHttp2HeadersList(Http2xStream.java:262)
    	at okhttp3.internal.http.Http2xStream.readResponseHeaders(Http2xStream.java:145)
    	at okhttp3.internal.http.CallServerInterceptor.intercept(CallServerInterceptor.java:53)

    Seems to be a HTTP/2 Web server (which one?) error. Please double-check HTTP/2 is working on your Web server, and/or disable HTTP/2 on your server.

  • Dear rfc2822,

    Thanks again for your help !

    After investigation, the issue came after an upgrade of the web server (nginx) from the release 1.13.5 to the 1.13.6 one.

    But I suspect again a bug in Android 7.0 because on Thunderbird and on Android 6.0 (with the last release of DAVdroid), there were no issue after the nginx upgrade.

    I think I will downgrade my smartphone (Samsung A5 2016) to Android 6 because Samsung didn’t generate an update to Android 7.1 for this device.

    Have a good week-end.

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