• I’m a Telstra Australia customer and use Outlook on multiple PC’s (using CalDav synchroniser) to sync contacts and calendar to all PC’s and my Samsung Galaxy S8+. DAVDroid loaded on the S8+ using CAlDav works fine when syncing items created on any other PC, but creates an immediate error when trying to create a meeting on the S8+ and then synching to the other group calendars.

    Has anyone else seen this issue and is there a quick fix please?

    Debug file can be found here - https://www.dropbox.com/s/fownu7ieee3koq7/debug.txt?dl=0

  • admin


    please provide a test account where this can be reproduced. Then we can take a look at it. You can send it to play@bitfire.at or as a direct message.

  • @devvv4ever

    Just checking too see if any action has taken place on this issue. There have been a few updates since this issue was raised and your email saying you will work through the issue using the log files I uploaded.

    There is still no change and the calendar simply won’t work from androids to Telstra. Everything works fine from Telstra to android.

    Please note that until this problem is resolved, I’m not using DAVdroid for contacts and sticking with a free version of another app that has been working fine. It would be great if my paid version of DAVdroid worked without the current calendar issue so i can then try to add contacts.

  • developer

    Seems like

    1. the Telstra server is sending a 100 Continue response although DAVdroid did not send Expect: 100-continue, which is not allowed, and
    2. okhttp (which is used by DAVdroid) doesn’t ignore unrequested 100 Continue responses, as required. This has already been reported to okhttp.

    See https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7231#section-6.2.1 for more details.

    Can you please contact Telstra support about this, providing this thread as reference?

  • It appears the issue, based on your description, is contained in the way okhttp is handling the message and your link to section 6.2.1 seems to confirm this problem with okhttp. Could you please advise when okhttp intends to rectify this issue as there is no point in raising a ticket with Telstra for this issue that seems peculiar to DAVdroid?

  • Are there any other Telstra email customers currently using DAVdroid for syncing calendars and contacts and if so, are you also suffering the same issue?

  • admin

    Hi again,

    I’ve sent you an offer for refund. Maybe at a future time okhhtp will fix this but all we can do is asking them.

  • Waving to Lowway.

    Yep. Me too, as per my thread which you found. It would be nice if this was fixed.

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