Suggestion: changing carddav category/group options should resync all contacts

  • I did not RTFM before starting to use DAVDroid on my LineageOS-powered Huawei Honor 5X. As a result, my contact categories were not transformed as groups, as explained here. Now I’ve chosen the right option and If I change a contact’s category, it appears on my phone as a group.

    But to sync my previously defined groups, I had to assign all my contacts to a dummy category, sync, delete that category and resync. An option to achieve the same result automatically would be great!

    Thanks for the wonderful app.

  • developer

    @nicoco It also works to

    1. turn off the address book for synchronization (uncheck in DAVdroid account)
    2. force sync (will remove the local address book and all its contacts)
    3. check the addres book again
    4. force sync (will download all contacts again and apply the new group method)

    But you’re right, this could be done automatically (or at least show some hint what to do) when the group method is changed.

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