Disappearing calendars

  • Once every few weeks my calendars from icsdroid disappear and I have to add the URL to the app again. I've missed a substansial amount of reminders because of that.

  • developer

    Had never happend to me, and without any further hints I can't say anything about that. Maybe a 3rd-party app which is messing around with calendars?

  • I use DAVDroid and OpenTasks on the same device

  • I can comfirm that my calendar also disappears in the app.

    I also use DAVdroid + OpenTasks + ICSdroid on a Oneplus3 with LineageOS 14.1.

  • I have the same problem. Also have DAVdroid + OpenTasks installed with LineageOS.

    Is there any way to do a backup of the calendar settings? I tried using Titanium Backup, but was not able to restore the settings after all calenders disappeared.


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