New Events from within Android are allways TENTATIVE


Actually i have seen, that all my events i entered in Samsung Calendar App to my SabreDAV calendar, are allways synced with the state TENTATIVE. I fear the problem is with the calendar app from Samsung, but im not sure. If i use the Google Calendar App, the event can be set and synced with the state BUSY. But with this the problem is, that i can only set the state to BUSY or FREE. There is no TENTATIVE available.

Do you have any idea?


It's a problem of your calendar app, see

Seems like the current version of aCalendar does not have this problem.

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Thx for investigation. I fear you are right. I have tested several other apps in the mean time. Additionally, i have mixed parameters TRANSP and STATUS for VEVENT. Sorry for that. But i fear also, that i cant get a fix from the Samsung Developers. So i would like to ask, if it is possible to check if the event comes from the samsung app or any other app? So in the case of the samsung app replace TENTATIVE with CONFIRMED or completely remove the STATUS:TENTATIVE line in VEVENT... its only a idea... a bad workaround...

the problem is, that also if i change the state to "Out of Office" or anything else, its synced always with TENTATIVE 😞

I love the Samsung Calendar App, its better than the Google Calendar in some ways, but this drives me nuts.


We can't make workarounds for certain calendar apps, I'm sorry 😕 If we once start with that the code will be a real mess some day, and we've avoided it for 4 years now. It's also not unlikely that Samsung fixes bugs in the SPlanner - they have done it several times and thats why it is used by the people instead of Googles own base Calendar app.

Please report it to Samsung! And meanwhile use another app that handles everything correctly.

Bugs are tracked here:

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