Added multi-monitor support

  • Hi,

    since I am using a multi-monitor setup with different solutions, I added some basic multi monitor support (for X11 server - you need x11 dev libraries to compile). You can use your tablet as mouse for a specific screen (use option -s) only. You can also define a rectangular area on the host screen. This comes in very handy when you want to draw stuff - without the fear to mess up your desktop on another screen. Options are:
    -s SCREEN_ID
    for rectangular frame:
    -w width
    -h height
    -x horizontal-offset
    -y vertical-offset


  • hi, on app-stores/markets(how ever) be still version 1.2, can you are maybe make an date-specific version and add it on about ? Because i found this nice peace of software only by searching because i have read in an forum on it. By the Update/commits-cycle an faster versions-update by adding some features to know to have become updates, because the “Version 1.2” it’s still in the market since … how long ?..
    This can be maybe an reason for make Version “$Datetime” so can maybe the version be “Version 2014.11.14-6:05pm” in this direction it is ever still to see if this be the last version … the best or how ever 🙂 i think, it’s an suggestion worth 😉

    and by the way, can maybe anyone clean up the issues, because there be an bit mess and not correctly/clean declared/confirmed

    best regards

  • Sorry I don’t know what this has in common with the Linux driver extension I made.

  • humm … to tell which version, to know to be updated … because, if in the “normal world’s” so, not in the programmers world 😉 to know the next version to support this or this, because otherwise would have an changelog no sense g… the target be less you, the target for this suggestion it is more the Projectleader 😉 easy to have say it 😉 and sorry, don’t need g you’re welcome, like to happen g
    and thank you for the helping hand, you have also create an nice software, i like it very 🙂
    i work daily with it 🙂 in Win and Linux and i hope it works also in Reactos, oh, greetings from Reactos, brothers in GPL ( also, if it so on Alfa 😉 )
    best regards

  • Other than the issue above, the PR seems to work correctly. Thank you.

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